• The fast maturing summer turnip

    Having an interval to grazing of just 55 - 65 days, Marco provides flexibility of sowing and grazing management.
    With less time out of pasture, and the possibility of two crops in one season, Marco is also ideal for late sowings.
  • Introducing Frenzy

    Frenzy is a new very high yielding tetraploid hybrid (short rotation) ryegrass containing the NEA endophyte. It is extremely fast establishing with strong cool season growth and year-round yields.
  • The leafier kale - very high leaf to stem ratio

    A diploid kale, Coleor is a high yielding, very leafy, purplish variety of medium height, with very high leaf to stem ratio (60%+), finer ‘branches’ and high leaf dry matter content.
  • Higher yielding multi-graze rape

    Pillar can be used as a flexible 2 – 4 graze forage crop, sown in either spring or autumn to provide fast
    establishing summer or autumn/winter feed. Pillar is suitable for all livestock types and farming systems and is an ideal break crop as part of a re-grassing programme.


Improve Your Farm's Performance With Superior Pasture and Forage Seed.

Get better returns from livestock farming systems with highest-performance pasture and forage crop varieties developed by Cropmark Seeds.

At Cropmark Seeds, we’re in the business of breeding and supplying pasture and forage varieties that offer our customers very real performance advantages, through improving livestock performance, farm systems and bottom line results. Cropmark’s unique varieties are bred with an emphasis on delivering improved yield, greater nutritional values and disease resistance, coupled with the ability to provide more quality forage when most needed.

Our plant breeding programme is one of the most extensive, highly innovative and professional breeding programmes being run anywhere in the world. The programme emphasis is on delivering inter-species crosses that capitalise on the best traits of each parent plant species. This enables us to create totally unique pasture varieties that will provide significant performance improvements over traditional alternatives.

Varieties developed by the company are thoroughly trialled and tested under real farming conditions in each target market and are only commercialised if they perform to the company’s stringent selection standards. As our record to date shows, we have consistently developed forage varieties that have established the benchmark for performance in the pasture industry.

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This tool provides information on suitable forage products which could suit the four major regions of New Zealand including forage grasses, legumes, herbs, brassicas and fodder beets with guides on best use.

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